E.2. Database Configuration

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Database driver currently used. The value is case sensitive. Valid types are mysql, Oracle, and Pg.

 Set($DatabaseType, 'mysql'); 


The domain name of your database server. If you're running MySQL and it's on localhost, leave it blank for enhanced performance.

 Set($DatabaseHost, 'localhost'); 


The port on which your database server runs. RT ignores this value unless it's a positive integer. It's usually safe to leave this blank.

 Set($DatabasePort, 3306); 


The name of the database user (inside the database).

 Set($DatabaseUser, 'rt_user'); 


Password the DatabaseUser should use to access the database.

 Set($DatabasePassword, 'p@ssw0rd'); 


The name of the RT's database on your database server.

 Set($DatabaseName, 'rt3'); 


If you're using Postgres and have compiled in SSL support, set DatabaseRequireSSL to 1 to turn on SSL communication.

 Set($DatabaseRequireSSL, undef); 

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