Section 2.6. Editing Files

2.6. Editing Files

Once you've checked out your project files into a sandbox, you can edit them with your favorite editor. Your sandbox is an ordinary set of files and directories, with an extra CVS subdirectory in each directory. Ignore the contents of the CVS subdirectory, and edit your project files as you normally would.

Some of CVS's functions will not work properly in files with complex formats, such as image or sound files, and these files should be stored in binary format (see Chapter 3 for more information). The default save file format of editors such as Microsoft Word and doesn't react well with the line-based diff system that CVS uses, and these files should also be stored in the repository as binary files, using the -kb option to cvs add (as explained in Chapter 3). However, if you save in plain-text, RTF, XML, or HTML format, you can commit them as normal CVS files.

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