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By 1994, Autoconf was a solid framework for handling the differences between Unix variants. However, program developers still had to write large `Makefile.in' files in order to use it. The `configure' script generated by autoconf would transform the `Makefile.in' file into a `Makefile' used by the make program.

A `Makefile.in' file has to describe how to build the program. In the Imake equivalent of a `Makefile.in' , known as an `Imakefile' , it is only necessary to describe which source files are used to build the program. When Imake generates a `Makefile' , it adds the rules for how to build the program itself. Later versions of the BSD make program also include rules for building a program.

Since most programs are built in much the same way, there was a great deal of duplication in `Makefile.in' files. Also, the GNU project developed a reasonably complex set of standards for `Makefile' s, and it was easy to get some of the details wrong.

These factors led to the development of Automake. automake , like autoconf , is a program run by a developer. The developer writes files named `Makefile.am' ; these use a simpler syntax than ordinary `Makefile' s. automake reads the `Makefile.am' files and produces `Makefile.in' files. The idea is that a script generated by autoconf converts these `Makefile.in' files into `Makefile' s.

As with Imake and BSD make , the `Makefile.am' file need only describe the files used to build a program. automake automatically adds the necessary rules when it generates the `Makefile.in' file. automake also adds any rules required by the GNU `Makefile' standards.

The first version of Automake was written by David MacKenzie in 1994. It was completely rewritten in 1995 by Tom Tromey.

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GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool
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