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macros, stored in game controllers 
magnetic domains 
Magneto-Optical (MO) drives 
main board  [See motherboards]
main memory 
main power switch, caution with 
make code (keyboard signals) 
male connectors 
mask, in monitors 
master/slave, assigning for ATA devices 
mastering software 
    Millennium video adapters  2nd 
maximum resolution 
    Big Drives initiative  2nd 
    hard drives  2nd 
MCA (MicroChannel Architecture) 
McAfee VirusScan 
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 
mechanical keyboards 
media for CD writers media)  [See CD-R(W]
Media Jukebox 
Media Player (Microsoft) 
megahertz (MHz) 
MegaTransfers/second (MT/s) 
membrane keyboards 
    access methods 
    amount required 
    building PCs and 
    chipset support 
    choosing/recommendations for  2nd 
    ranges  2nd 
        motherboard locking tabs, caution with 
    tiered memory architecture, types of 
    upgrading  2nd  3rd 
        386/486 systems 
        in older systems, caution for 
        Pentium/Celeron systems 
memory banks 
memory bus 
memory bus speed  2nd  3rd  4th 
    processors and 
memory cache 
memory rows 
memory slots 
mezzanine buses 
MHz (megahertz) 
mice  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    interface compatibility and, caution with 
Micro DB50/DB68 SCSI connector 
microATX cases 
MicroChannel Architecture (MCA) 
microprocessors  [See processors]
Microsoft  2nd 
    bundled software 
    Image Color Management (ICM) 
    Intel/Microsoft standard 
    IntelliEye mice  2nd 
    Media Player 
Microsoft Windows  [See also entries at Windows]
    bundled software and 
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)  2nd 
Mini-ATX, cases 
MMVF (Multimedia Video File) 
MMX (MultiMedia eXtensions) 
MO (Magneto-Optical) drives 
Mobile PC 99 
modified square waves 
Molex power supply connectors
monaural sound 
monitors  [See displays]
mono sound 
motherboards  2nd 
    386 systems, upgrading 
    820-based SDRAM, recalled 
    with AMD-760MPX chipset, caution with 
    audio embedded in  2nd 
    bus support 
    cables and 
    cases, choosing for 
    caution with to avoid damage  2nd 
    chipsets and 
    electric current considerations and  2nd 
    expansion cards and  2nd 
    form factors  2nd 
        power supplies and  2nd 
    I/O templates 
    installing  2nd  3rd 
    integrated functions 
    jumper blocks 
    OEM software and 
    processors and 
        recording CMOS settings 
    slots (sockets)  2nd 
    sound cards embedded in 
    upgrading  2nd 
    video embedded in 
Motion page 
mouse  [See mice]
Mouse Properties dialog 
MP3 Pro 
MPC-3 connectors 
MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio compression (MP3s) 
MPEG-2 decoder boards 
MT/s (MegaTransfers/second) 
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) 
multichannel support 
MultiMedia eXtensions (MMX) 
Multimedia Video File (MMVF) 
multiple concentric tracks 
multiport serial adapters 
multisession recording 
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)  2nd 
Mustang (Athlon Ultra) processors 


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