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L1 cache 
    fifth-generation processors 
L2 cache  2nd  3rd 
    Coppermine core improvements in 
    Pentium processor families  2nd 
    upgrading  2nd 
LAN activity 
laser power settings 
latency of hard disk drives 
LBA (Logical Block Addressing)  2nd 
leakage current 
legacy cards
    ISA slots 
    Windows NT, installing 
Level 1 cache  [See L1 cache]
Level 2 cache  [See L2 cache]
level-sensitive interrupts 
LFN  [See long filenames]
Light Intensity Modulated Direct Overwrite (LIMDOW) drives 
line regulations 
line-boosts SPS 
line-interactive UPS 
line-out/line-in speaker and headphone connectors 
linear power supplies, troubleshooting 
local I/O bus 
Logical Block Addressing (LBA)  2nd 
logical formats of writable CDs 
logical formatting  2nd 
    cordless keyboards 
long filenames (LFN)
    caution for backups 
    tape drives and 
loopback plugs 
lossless compression 
lossy compression  2nd 
low-level formatting  2nd 
low-profile desktop cases 
Low-Voltage Differential SCSI (LVD SCSI) 
LPTs, mapping parallel ports to 
    form factors  2nd 
LVD SCSI (Low-Voltage Differential SCSI) 


PC Hardware in a Nutshell
PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 059600513X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 246

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