Monitoring Troubleshooting an OSPF Network

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There are many different sources for information regarding Network Management Systems (NMSs), therefore you will not see coverage of specific systems, but rather details on some overall general characteristics that should be present in every Enterprise capable NMS.

Three tools from Cisco that have been developed to streamline network management are CiscoView, CiscoWorks, and ConfigMaker.

There are many different tools available from Cisco to help you manage your network and even the ones listed here come in different varieties and have add-ons. They can be found at the following URLs: 


CiscoView is a GUI-based device management software application that provides dynamic status, statistics, and comprehensive configuration information for Cisco Systems’ internetworking products (switches, routers, concentrators, and adapters). CiscoView graphically displays a real-time physical view of Cisco devices. Additionally, this SNMP-based network management tool provides monitoring functions and offers basic troubleshooting capabilities. Figure 9-1 shows a typical view of a router (4700) using CiscoView. When shown in color, you can easily see the interface status (that is, green is up and red is down, and so forth).

Figure 9-1  Viewing router status with CiscoView.

Using CiscoView, users can more easily understand the tremendous volume of management data available for internetworking devices. CiscoView organizes the data into graphical device representations presented in a clear, consistent format as shown in Figure 9-2, which shows a sample of the interface statistics from a 4700 series router.

Figure 9-2  Viewing router interface statistics in CiscoView.

CiscoView software can be integrated with several of the leading SNMP-based network management platforms, providing a seamless, powerful network view. It is also included within CiscoWorks, CiscoWorks for Switched Internetworks, and CiscoWorks for Windows. CiscoView software can also be run on UNIX workstations as a fully functional, independent management application.

As previously mentioned, there are a variety of network management features incorporated within CiscoView, including the following:

  Graphical display of Cisco products from a centralized network management location, giving network managers a complete view of Cisco products without physically checking each device at remote sites
  An exception reporting design that enables network managers to quickly grasp essential inquiry information
  GUI interface that continuously shows an updated physical picture of routers, hubs, and switches or access servers
  Can be invoked several times in the same session to simultaneously support multiple switches, routers, hubs, or access servers


CiscoWorks network management software lets you monitor complex internetworks that use Cisco routing devices, and it helps you plan, troubleshoot, and analyze your network. CiscoWorks uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor and control any SNMP device on the network.

CiscoWorks works directly with your SNMP network management platform, allowing CiscoWorks applications to be integrated with the features and applications of your platform. The following is a brief list of the features found in CiscoWorks:

  Configuration Management
  Configuration Snap-In Manager
  Device Management
  Device Monitor
  Path Tool
  Security Manager
  Software Inventory Manager
  Software Library Manager
  Contact Management
  Show Commands


Cisco ConfigMaker is a freely available, easy-to-use Windows 95/NT 4.0 tool offering a GUI alternative to the existing Cisco command-line interface. ConfigMaker enables Cisco resellers or end users to configure one or a network of Cisco routers, Cisco access servers, Cisco Micro Hubs, Cisco Micro Switches, or Cisco Micro Webservers. You can find ConfigMaker at:

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