Troubleshooting Lab

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In this lab, you troubleshoot a problem related to an organization’s inefficient updating process. You can find sample answers to the questions in the “Questions and Answers” section at the end of this chapter.

You are consulting for an enterprise with approximately 5,000 client computers and 200 servers. The enterprise hired you after a worm infected a large number of computers on its internal network. Use the knowledge gained by reading this chapter to answer the questions from the company’s CIO. Then recommend the best way for the enterprise to resolve the problem.

  1. “Our Operations group decided not to deploy an update that would have prevented this worm infection. Their reasoning was that an attack against the vulnerability would have to connect to the computers across the network, and we have a firewall blocking that traffic on our Internet connection. How could we have gotten infected?”

  2. “What can we do to prevent this from happening in the future?”

  3. “We simply don’t have time to apply all these updates to our computers. How can we possibly keep up?”

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