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Modern Linux is a professional operating system, and its archives contain a mind-boggling amount of software to meet just about every need. For example, it can be used for office tasks, to make music, to play games, to design circuit boards, to edit digital photographs, and much, much more. If you can think of it, Linux has a program that can do it!

It isn't so much a case of Linux chasing Windows's tail and cloning what's available under Microsoft's operating system. It's more the case that Linux has a selection of software that is larger and far more esoteric than that of Windows, but that also includes several programs that provide powerful alternatives to Windows favorites.

Not only that, but diversity is vitally important within Linux. For example, rather than offering just one e-mail program, you'll find there are many available. They compete against each other in a gentle way, and it's up to you which one you settle down with and use.


The diversity in Linux programs means that no two Linux users are alike. You might use Konqueror for your web browsing, for example, while your friend might use Mozilla (an alternative browser program). You might use for your word processing, while your colleague at work might use Koffice. Compare this to the world of Windows, where virtually everyone uses Outlook Express for e-mail, Microsoft Office for office tasks, and Internet Explorer for browsing.

There's a lot of choice out there, and part of the fun of using Linux is exploring what's available. Of course, the added bonus is that virtually all this software is free of charge, so you can simply download, install, and play around. If you don't like it, just remove the program from your system. However, don't forget to revisit the program's home page after a few months; chances are the program will have been expanded and improved in that short period, and it might be better at meeting your needs.

Table 11-1 lists various popular Windows programs alongside their counterparts for SUSE Linux. Remember that the SUSE Linux versions come installed by default and are included free of charge. You'll find the programs listed on the K menu. You certainly don't need to purchase any additional software, as with Windows!

Table 11-1. Comparisons of Windows and Linux Software

Type of Program


SUSE Linux

Alternative Choices

Word processor

Microsoft Word Writer

Abiword (, Koffice Kword (


Microsoft Excel Calc

Gnumeric (, Koffice Kspread (


Microsoft PowerPoint Impress

Koffice Kpresenter (

Drawing (vector art)

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Sodipodi (, Koffice Karbon14 (

Web page creation

Microsoft FrontPage Writer

Mozilla Composer (, Amaya(




Evolution (

Contacts manager/ calendar



Evolution (

Web browser

Internet Explorer


Mozilla (, Firefox (, Opera ([*]

CD/DVD burning

Ahead Nero


X-CD-Roast (

MP player



AlsaPlayer (

CD player

Windows Media Player


AlsaPlayer (

Movie/DVD player

Windows Media Player

Kaffeine (or Xine)

Mplayer (

Image editor

Adobe Photoshop

The Gimp

Koffice Krita (

Zip files



File Roller (

MS-DOS prompt

cmd.exe/ command.exe


Xterm (installed by default in SUSE




Too many to mention!

Text editor/viewer



Kwrite ( )

Desktop games

Minesweeper/ Solitaire


Too many to mention!

[*] A free version of Opera is available, but it is proprietary software, rather than open source.

Table 11-1 also includes a number of other mainstream alternatives, which aren't installed by default under SUSE Linux. You might wish to try some of these after you've read later chapters in this book covering program installation. Most are on the SUSE Linux DVD-ROM that comes free with this book or, in a minority of cases, just a quick download away.


Table 11-1 lists only a fraction of the programs available under Linux. There are quite literally hundreds, if not thousands, of others. The programs listed here are those that work like their Windows equivalents and therefore provide an easy transition.

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