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.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process
By Christian Thilmany
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : August 18, 2003
ISBN : 0-32-113002-2
Pages : 448

    Praise for the Book
    The Software Patterns Series
      The Road to .NET and this Book
      Book Layout
    Part 1.  Building a Framework with .NET
      Chapter 1.  New Framework, New Model, New Measures
      Not Another LanguagePlease Stop!
      The .NET Framework and a Distributed New World
      .NET and XML Web Services
      XML Web Services Primer
      Highlights of .NET
      Components of .NETA Snippet
      Patterns Explained
      History and Categorization
      Categorizing Patterns
      The Pattern Library
      How to Use the Pattern Library
      Chapter 2.  Framework Patterns: Exception Handling, Logging, and Tracing
      Exception Handling
      Building a Base Exception Class
      Managing Exception Boundaries
      Technology BackgrounderSOAP Faults
      Technology BackgrounderTrace Switches and Trace Listeners
      Remote TracingBuilding a Custom Trace Listener
    Part 2.  Creating the Tiers of a Framework
      Chapter 3.  Presentation-Tier Patterns
      Notifying Thread Manager
      Pollable Thread Manager
      MultiSync Thread Manager
      Error Cross-Reference Generator
      Webform Template
      Dynamic Assembly Loader
      Stunt Driver Interface
      Chapter 4.  Middle-Tier Patterns
      Chained Service Factory
      Unchained Service Factory
      Product Manager
      Service Faade
      Abstract Packet Pattern
      Packet Translator
      Chapter 5.  Persistence-Tier Patterns
      Technology BackgrounderSchemas and Datasets
      Poly Model Pattern
      Schema Field Pattern
      Schema Indexer
      Chapter 6.  Process Patterns: Applying .NET Patterns to a Commercial Product
      ProductX and the Commercial Framework
      .NET Technology: A Competitive Advantage
      Applying .NET Patterns
      Invoking Our Framework from the ProductX Web Client
      Summarizing the Suite
      Chapter 7.  Advanced Patterns
      Abstract Cache
      Web Service Interface Pattern
      Loosely Coupled Transactor Server
      Loosely Coupled Transactor Client
      Password Storage

.NET Patterns. Architecture, Design, and Process
.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process
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