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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Chapter 7.  Developing a Database Security Plan

7.7 Standards for Views

Views are wonderful mechanisms for hiding data from different classes of users. For example, I would not want my salary to be visible to the majority of employees in my company. Suppose that my salary is resident in a table called EMPLOYEES . The table might be comprised of columns for the employee's name, location, telephone number, manager's name, department name , and salary. In this case, the only information in this table that might be considered sensitive is salary. Therefore, you might create a view called "emp_view" to display all of the columns except the salary column.

As with roles, the security plan needs to define any conventions for view names , a designation for who will be permitted to create views, a designation of who can grant access to which views, and an identification of who can say that a view is, in fact, necessary or unnecessary.


Oracle Security
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