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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Appendix A.  References

A.1 Oracle Books

There are many Oracle books available on a variety of topics. If an author has published more than one edition of a book, the following list shows the most current edition (e.g., the Oracle8 edition). If you need earlier (e.g., Oracle7) editions, check with your local book seller or with an online source such as http://www.amazon.com to see if they are available.

A.1.1 Of General Oracle Interest

Becker, Rachel (Editor). Advanced Information Systems Inc., Oracle Unleashed . Sams, 1996.

Bobrowski, Steve. Oracle8 Architecture . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Koch, George, Kevin Loney. Oracle8: The Complete Reference . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Luers, Tom. Essential Oracle7 . Sams, 1995.

McCullough, Carol. Oracle8 for Dummies . IDG Books Worldwide, 1997.

A.1.2 Database Administration

Abbey, Michael, Michael Corey. Oracle8: A Beginner's Guide . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Ault, Michael R. Oracle8 Administration and Management . John Wiley & Sons, 1997.

Ault, Michael R. (editor) et al. Oracle DBA Exam Cram, Tests 1 and 2 . Coriolis Group, 1998.

Ault, Michael R. (editor) et al. Oracle DBA Exam Cram, Tests 3 and 4 . Coriolis Group, 1998.

Brown, Linwood. Oracle Database Administation on Unix Systems . Prentice Hall Computer Books, 1997.

Couchman, Jason. Oracle Certified Professional/Dba Certification Exam Guide . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1998.

Ensor, Dave, Ian Stevenson. Oracle Design . O'Reilly & Associates, 1997.

Ensor, Dave, Ian Stevenson. Oracle8 Design Tips . O'Reilly & Associates, 1997

Honour, Edward. Oracle How-To: The Definitive Problem-Solver for Oracle Developers and Database Administrators . Waite Group, 1996.

Lomasky, Brian, David C. Kreines. Oracle Scripts . O'Reilly and Associates, 1998.

Loney, Kevin. Oracle8 DBA Handbook . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Owens, Kevin T. Building Intelligent Databases With Oracle PL/SQL, Triggers, and Stored Procedures (2nd Edition). Prentice Hall Computer Books, 1998.

Toledo, Hugo. Oracle Networking . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1996.

Velpuri, Rama. Oracle8 Backup & Recovery Handbook . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Velpuri, Rama, Anand Adkoli. Oracle Troubleshooting . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

A.1.3 System and Database Tuning

Alomari, Ahmed. Oracle and Unix Performance Tuning . Prentice Hall Computer Books, 1997.

Aronoff, Eyal, Kevin Loney, Noorali Sonawalla. Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Corey, Michael J. (Editor), et al. Oracle8 Tuning . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Gurry, Mark, Peter Corrigan. Oracle Performance Tuning (2nd edition). O'Reilly & Associates, 1997.

Harrison, Guy. Oracle SQL High-Performance Tuning . Prentice Hall Computer Books, 1997.

A.1.4 Tools and Languages

Anderson, Carrie, David Wendelken. The Oracle Designer/2000 Handbook . Addison Wesley, 1996.

Billings, Chris, et al. Rapid Application Development With Oracle Designer/2000 . Addison Wesley, 1996.

Dorsey, Paul, Peter Koletzke. Oracle Designer/2000 Handbook . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1996.

Feuerstein, Steven, and Bill Pribyl. Oracle PL/SQL: Programming (2nd edition). O'Reilly & Associates, 1997.

Feuerstein, Steven et al. Oracle Built-In Packages . O'Reilly and Associates, 1998.

Feuerstein, Steven. Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming With Packages . O'Reilly & Associates, 1996.

Hipsley, Paul. Developing Client/Server Applications With Oracle Developer/2000 . Sams, 1996.

Lockman, David. Developing Personal Oracle7 for Windows 95 Applications . Sams, 1997.

Lulushi, Albert. Developing Oracle Forms Applications . Prentice Hall Computer Books, 1996.

Lulushi, Albert. Inside Oracle Designer/2000 . Prentice Hall, 1997.

Muller, Robert J.,Steve Illingworth. Oracle Developer/2000 Handbook . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

Urman, Scott, Wendy Rinaldi. Oracle8 Pl/Sql Programming . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1997.

A.1.5 Data Warehousing

Burleson, Donald. High Performance Oracle Data Warehousing . The Coriolis Group, 1997.

Corey, Michael J., Michael Abbey. Oracle Data Warehousing . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1996.

Dodge, Gary, Tim Gorman. Oracle8 Data Warehousing . John Wiley and Sons, 1998.

A.1.6 Oracle and the Web

Greenwald, Rick, et al. Special Edition Using Oracle Web Application Server 3 . Que Education and Training, 1997.

Johnson, Berry. Oracle Web Application Server Handbook . Osborne McGraw-Hill (Oracle Press), 1998.

Papaj, Robert, Donald Burleson. Oracle Database on the Web . The Coriolis Group, 1997.


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