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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Appendix A.  References

A.2 Security Books

This section contains references to a variety of security topics; this list represents only a fraction of the many works available; we've tried to mention those likely to be helpful to Oracle sites.

A.2.1 General Computer Security and Risks

Neumann, Peter G. Computer Related Risks. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1995. (Collected from the Internet RISKS mailing list moderated by Neumann.)

National Research Council. Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age . National Academy Press, 1991.

Pfleeger, Charles P. Security in Computing (2nd edition). Prentice Hall, 1996.

Power, Richard. Current and Future Danger: A CSI Primer on Computer Crime and Information Warfare. Computer Security Institute, 1995.

A.2.2 Computer Viruses

Denning, Peter J. Computers Under Attack: Intruders, Worms and Viruses . ACM Press/Addison-Wesley, 1990.

Ferbrache, David. The Pathology of Computer Viruses. Springer-Verlag, 1992.

Hoffman, Lance J. Rogue Programs: Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses . Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1990.

A.2.3 Network Administration and Security

Bellovin, Steve and Bill Cheswick. Firewalls and Internet Security. Addison-Wesley, 1994.

Chapman, D. Brent, and Elizabeth D. Zwicky. Building Internet Firewalls . O'Reilly & Associates, 1995.

Hunt, Craig. TCP/IP Network Administration. O'Reilly & Associates, 1992.

Kaufman, Charles, Radia Perlman, and Mike Speciner. Network Security: Private Communications in a Public World. Prentice Hall, 1995.

Schneier, Bruce. Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C (2nd edition). John Wiley & Sons, 1996.

Stallings, William. Network and Internetwork Security: Principles and Practice . Prentice Hall, 1995.

A.2.4 UNIX Administration and Security

Garfinkel, Simson and Gene Spafford. Practical UNIX & Internet Security (2nd edition). O'Reilly & Associates, 1996.

Nemeth, Evi, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass, and Trent R. Hein. UNIX System Administration Handbook (2nd edition). Prentice Hall, 1995.

A.2.5 Windows NT Administration and Security

Frisch, Aeleen. Essential Windows NT System Administration. O'Reilly & Associates, 1998.

Sheldon, Tom. Windows NT Security Handbook. Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1997.

Sutton, Steve and Trusted Information Systems. Windows NT Security. Trusted Systems Training, 1995.

A.2.6 Web and Java Security

Garfinkel, Simson with Gene Spafford. Web Security & Commerce. O'Reilly & Associates, 1997.

Oaks, Scott, Java Security. O'Reilly & Associates, 1998.

Stein, Lincoln. Web Security: A Step-by-Step Reference Guide. Addison-Wesley, 1998.


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