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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Appendix A.  References

A.3 Oracle Electronic References

This section contains references to helpful Oracle- related web sites, user groups, and newsgroups.

A.3.1 Oracle Web Sites

A major problem encountered as we composed this list of sites was the ever-changing and expanding realm of electronic references on the World Wide Web. As of the day this list was assembled , it was accurate. However, links come and links go. Therefore, if a link we've listed does not work or fails to provide you with the information you are expecting, don't be too hard on us. It was there when we listed it! But do let us know so we can update the book accordingly .

A.3.1.1 Oracle Corporation

The most obvious Oracle link is, of course, the URL for Oracle Corporation. Oracle's links provide great product information and educational listings.

A.3.1.2 OraWorld

The OraWorld site says of itself that it provides "Everything Oracle on the World Wide Web." The site provides many Oracle-related links, scripts, tips, and hints.


A.3.2 Oracle User Groups

There are many Oracle user groups throughout the world. The majority of the links to them are provided under the home pages for the various international regions . For the United States, the International Oracle User Group Americas home page provides links. Likewise, the European Oracle User Group has links for many of the European, Middle East, and African sites. For the Far East, Oracle Corporation provides links to these sites.

A.3.2.1 International Oracle User Group - Americas
A.3.2.2 European Oracle User Group
A.3.2.3 Far East Oracle User Groups

A.3.3 Oracle Usenet Groups

There are several Oracle-related Usenet newsgroups. A warning about all newsgroups: just because you read something in a posting does not make it correct. Please try to take what you read in a newsgroup with a critical eye. It may or may not be true.


Computer Databases Oracle, a good place to start


Computer Databases Oracle Server


Computer Databases Oracle Tools


Computer Databases Oracle Miscellaneous


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