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Chapter 1 in this book provides information for planning your migration process in order to meet the goals for your organization. Because most services that run in a Windows NT 4.0 environment can run on a single server, this chapter also provides information about server consolidation. It is important to review this chapter before you begin your migration process.

If you are not upgrading your entire environment to Windows Server 2003 at this time, you can choose to migrate individual services to a new Windows Server 2003 member server that you introduce in your environment, or you can upgrade your domain controllers to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory but continue to run some services on Windows NT 4.0 member servers.

Chapters 2 through 6 in this book describe how to migrate a service from a server running Windows NT 4.0 to a Windows Server 2003 “based server. Some chapters also describe how to upgrade a service in place, if it is currently running on a Windows NT 4.0 “based server that meets the hardware requirements to run Windows Server 2003. Chapter 7 describes how to move from a system policy “managed environment to a Group Policy “managed environment. Each of these chapters is designed to be stand-alone and can be used independently of the other chapters.

The Microsoft Windows Server Team Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 to Windows Server 2003
Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 to Windows Server 2003
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