Unresolved Dependencies

If any package requires another package that you have not selected to install, the program presents a list of these unresolved dependencies and gives you the opportunity to resolve them.

The Unresolved Dependencies screen appears only if you are missing packages that are needed by your customized package selection.

At the bottom of the screen, under the list of missing packages, an Install packages to satisfy dependencies radio button is selected by default. If you leave this checked, the installation program will resolve package dependencies automatically by adding all required packages to the list of selected packages.

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Figure 3-7. Unresolved Dependencies

If you do not wish to install packages that require other packages, select Do not install packages that have dependencies. To install only the packages you have selected and leave the dependencies unresolved, select Ignore package dependencies.


To install or remove packages after you have completed the installation, click System Settings Packages (or type the redhat-config-packages command from a shell prompt) to launch the Package Management Tool. If you are not root, Linux will prompt you for the root password to continue.


To change from the graphical login to a text login or vice versa after installation, as root you can edit the /etc/inittab file and change the line id:5:initdefault:. 5 stands for the graphical login and 3 stands for the text login.

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