Chapter 3. Secure Office Networking

Congratulations, your Samba networking skills are developing nicely. You started out with three simple networks in Chapter 1, "No-Frills Samba Servers", and then in Chapter 2, "Small Office Networking" you designed and built a network that provides a high degree of flexibility, integrity, and dependability. It was enough for the basic needs each was designed to fulfill. In this chapter you address a more complex set of needs. The solution you explore introduces you to basic features that are specific to Samba-3.

You should note that a working and secure solution could be implemented using Samba-2.2.x. In the exercises presented here, you are gradually using more Samba-3-specific features, so caution is advised for anyone who tries to use Samba-2.2.x with the guidance here given. To avoid confusion, this book is all about Samba-3. Let's get the exercises in this chapter underway.

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