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Chapter 1: COM and .NET

Listing 1-1: ManagedDelete.cpp

Chapter 3: Using COM Components in .NET Code

Listing 3-1: ConvertTlb.cs
Listing 3-2: ReadPtr.cpp
Listing 3-3: TestEvents1

Chapter 4: Using .NET Components in COM Applications

Listing 4-1: Converter.cs
Listing 4-2: LittleString.cs
Listing 4-3: UseNetControl.cpp
Listing 4-4: TimeBox.cs
Listing 4-5: Account.cs

Chapter 5: An Overview of COM+ Coding for .NET

Listing 5-1: MyMath.cs (Component)
Listing 5-2: MyMath.cs (ServicedComponent)

Chapter 6: Attributed Programming

Listing 6-1: TestObject.cpp
Listing 6-2: Defs.h
Listing 6-3: MyServer.cpp
Listing 6-4: EvtSrc.h
Listing 6-5: EvtSrc.cpp
Listing 6-6: EvtClient.cpp

Chapter 7: ATL and ATL Server

Listing 7-1: SimpleArray.cpp
Listing 7-2: AtlArray.cpp
Listing 7-3: SafeArray.cpp
Listing 7-4: SimpleString.cpp
Listing 7-5: CStringT.cpp
Listing 7-6: AtlMacros.cpp
Listing 7-7: AtlSecurity.cpp
Listing 7-8: WebClient.cpp

Chapter 8: A Simple COM+ Example

Listing 8-1: MyMath.cs
Listing 8-2: A simple component client
Listing 8-3: CompName.cs
Listing 8-4: CompName client code
Listing 8-5: Obtaining the constructor string
Listing 8-6: Constructor string

Chapter 9: Working with Disconnected Applications

Listing 9-1: Creating a message
Listing 9-2: Retrieving a message
Listing 9-3: Creating a Listener/Player component
Listing 9-4: Creating a data encapsulation component
Listing 9-5: Creating a message queue component
Listing 9-6: An example of a managed client

Chapter 10: Creating Subscriptions

Listing 10-1: Simple event object
Listing 10-2: Simple event publisher
Listing 10-3: Component style subscriber
Listing 10-4: Application subscription common code
Listing 10-6: A permanent subscription example
Listing 10-5: A transient subscription example

Chapter 11: Web Application Scenarios

Listing 11-1: The SOAP Quick Test application
Listing 11-2: A simple data access component
Listing 11-3: A simple Help access page

Chapter 12: Interacting with Unmanaged Code

Listing 12-1: Class1.cs from the project CsLastError
Listing 12-2: InvokeMsgBox.cpp
Listing 12-3: Using unsafe on Platform Invoke prototype declarations
Listing 12-4: Class1.cs from the CsFixed project
Listing 12-5: CppPin.cpp

Chapter 13: Advanced Interaction

Listing 13-1: GcRootDemo.cpp
Listing 13-2: CppLoadLib.cpp
Listing 13-3: CppCallback.cpp
Listing 13-4: The Class1.cs file from the Delegates sample

Chapter 14: Working with Predefined Interfaces

Listing 14-1: Unmanaged version of the IComponent interface
Listing 14-2: The managed form of the MMC_NOTIFY_TYPE enumeration
Listing 14-3: The converted form of the IObjectSafety interface
team lib

COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
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Pages: 140

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