List of Tables

Chapter 7: Domain Manipulation Tools

Table 7.1: Standard Tools for Administering Active Directory
Table 7.2: Some Additional Tools for Maintaining Active Directory (from Support Tools)

Chapter 8: Common Administrative Tasks

Table 8.1: Some Administrative Tools and the Privileges Necessary to Use Them
Table 9.2: Snap-ins Included in the Windows .NET Administration Tools Pack

Chapter 9: General Characteristics and Purpose of System Tools

Table 9.1: Windows 2000 Tools Sorted by the Purpose They Serve
Table 9.2: Purpose of the Selected Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Tools

Chapter 12: Manipulating Active Directory Objects

Table 12.1: Some Parameters of the LDIFDE and CSVDE Utilities
Table 12.2: Some Important Object Classes and Their Mandatory Attributes
Table 12.3: Influence of m Parameter on the Resulting Attribute List

Chapter 16: Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI)

Table 16.1: Basic ADSI Objects and Corresponding Interfaces Supported by the LDAP Provider
Table 16.2: Some Basic Syntaxes of Active Directory attributes

Chapter 17: Scripting Administrative Tasks

Table 17.1: The Default Values of User Object Attributes
Table 17.2: Active Directory Objects that Hold Information about the FSMO Masters

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