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Chapter 16: Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI)

Listing 16.1. ADOQuery.bas— Searching for Groups in an Entire Domain (net.dom)

Chapter 17: Scripting Administrative Tasks

Listing 17.1. AbstrSchema.vbs — Writing the Definitions of Active Directory Attributes and Classes to a File
Listing 17.2. getRootDSE.vbs — Reading the Attributes of a RootDSE Object
Listing 17.3. Prop-of-obj.bas — Retrieving the Property List of a Directory Object
Listing 17.4. Attrs-of-Class.bas — Obtaining Common Information and a List of Possible Attributes for a Directory Class
Listing 17.5. getProps.vbs - Retrieving the Property Values for a User Object
Listing 17.6. Filtering.bas — Using Filters with Different Providers
Listing 17.7. EnumeratingInLDAP.bas — Using Recursion and the LDAP Provider
Listing 17.8. setPassword.vbs — Resetting User Password
Listing 17.9. disableAccount.vbs — Disabling an Account
Listing 17.10. listOfGroups.vbs — Enumerating Groups
Listing 17.11. listOfUsers.vbs — Enumerating Users
Listing 17.12. new 1000.bas — Creating Multiple Objects in Active Directory
Listing 17.13. moveRenameObject.vbs — Moving or Renaming a Directory Object
Listing 17.14. deleteObject.vbs — Deleting a User (a Leaf Object)
Listing 17.15. deleteContainer.vbs — Deleting an Entire Container
Listing 17.16. SetGC.bas — Designating a DC as a Global Catalog Server
Listing 17.17. initReplication.vbs — Replicating the Configuration Partition from One DC to Another
Listing 17.18. TriggerKCC.vbs — Manually Triggering the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC)
Listing 17.19. getDcInfo.vbs — Getting a Domain Controller's Flags
Listing 17.20. getFSMOs.vbs - Asking a DC for the Known FSMO Role Owners
Listing 17.21. iADsTools.vbs — Various Examples of Using the IADsTools ActiveX Object
Listing 17.22. addSecDescr.bas — Viewing and Modifying the Security Descriptor of an Object
Listing 17.23. addSecDescr.bas — Using ADsSecurity for Viewing and Modifying Security Descriptors
Listing 17.24. WMI-ADSI.vbs — Using WMI ADSI Extension
Listing 17.25. newAttribute.vbs — Creating a New String Attribute in the Schema
Listing 17.26. newClass.vbs — Creating a New Structural Class

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