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ATL Internals: Working with ATL 8, Second Edition
By Christopher Tavares, Kirk Fertitta, Brent Rector, Chris Sells
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: July 05, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-15962-4
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-15962-5
Pages: 888

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   The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series
   Foreword to the Second Edition
   Foreword to the First Edition
   About the Authors
    Chapter 1.  Hello, ATL
      What Is ATL?
      Creating a COM Server
      Inserting a COM Class
      Adding Properties and Methods
      Implementing Additional Interfaces
      Support for Scripting
      Adding Persistence
      Adding and Firing Events
      Using a Window
      COM Controls
      Hosting a Control
      ATL Server Web Projects
    Chapter 2.  Strings and Text
      String Data Types, Conversion Classes, and Helper Functions
      The CComBSTR Smart BSTR Class
      The CComBSTR Class
      The CString Class
    Chapter 3.  ATL Smart Types
      VARIANTs, SAFEARRAYs, and Interface Pointers
      The CComVariant Smart VARIANT Class
      The CComSafeArray Smart SAFEARRAY Class
      The CComPtr and CComQIPtr Smart Pointer Classes
      The CAutoPtr and CAutoVectorPtr Smart Pointer Classes
      ATL Memory Managers
    Chapter 4.  Objects in ATL
      Implementing IUnknown
      The Layers of ATL
      Threading Model Support
      The Core of IUnknown
      Your Class
      CComObject Et Al
      ATL Creators
    Chapter 5.  COM Servers
      A Review of COM Servers
      The Object Map and the CAtlModule Class
      The Object Map
      Methods Required of an Object Map Class
      The CAtlModule Class
      CComCoClass Revisited
      ATL and the C Runtime Library
    Chapter 6.  Interface Maps
      Recall: COM Identity
      Table-Driven QueryInterface
      Multiple Inheritance
      Tear-Off Interfaces
      Aggregation: The Controlling Outer
      Interface Map Chaining
      Just Say "No"
    Chapter 7.  Persistence in ATL
      A Review of COM Persistence
      ATL Persistence Implementation Classes
      The Property Map
      The Persistence Implementations
      Additional Persistence Implementations
      Adding Marshal-by-Value Semantics Using Persistence
    Chapter 8.  Collections and Enumerators
      COM Collection and Enumeration Interfaces
      Enumerating Arrays
      Enumerating Standard C++ Collections
      Standard C++ Collections of ATL Data Types
      ATL Collections
      Object Models
    Chapter 9.  Connection Points
      A Review of Connection Points
      Creating an ATL-Based Connectable Object
      Creating an Object That Is an Event Recipient
      How It All Works: The Messy Implementation Details
    Chapter 10.  Windowing
      The Structure of a Windows Application
      Window Control Wrappers
    Chapter 11.  ActiveX Controls
      A Review of ActiveX Controls
      The BullsEye Control Requirements
      Creating the Initial Control Using the ATL Wizard
      The Initial BullsEye Source Files
      Developing the BullsEye Control Step by Step
    Chapter 12.  Control Containment
      How Controls Are Contained
      Basic Control Containment
      Hosting a Control in a Dialog
      Composite Controls
      HTML Controls
      ATL's Control Containment Limitations
    Chapter 13.  Hello, ATL Server: A Modern C++ Web Platform
      The Microsoft Web Platform (Internet Information Services)
      The Simplest ISAPI Extension That Could Possibly Work
      Wrapping ISAPI
      ATL Server
      Web Services in ATL Server
    Chapter 14.  ATL Server Internals
      Implementing ISAPI in ATL Server
      Server Response Files
      An Example Request Handler
      Handling Input
      Session Management
      Data Caching
    Appendix A.  C++ Templates by Example
      The Need for Templates
      Template Basics
      A Different Kind of Polymorphism
      Function Templates
      Member Function Templates
    Appendix B.  ATL Header Files
    Appendix C.  Moving to ATL 8
      Strings, Character Sets, and Conversions
      Shared Classes with MFC
      Implementing COM Servers
      ActiveX Controls and Control Hosting
      ATL_MIN_CRT Changes
    Appendix D.  Attributed ATL
      Fundamentals of ATL Attributes
      The Future of Attributed ATL

ATL Internals. Working with ATL 8
ATL Internals: Working with ATL 8 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0321159624
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 172

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