Member Function Templates

The fun of templates does not stop at global functions. Oh, no. You can create member function templates as well. As of Visual C++ 6.0, the definition of IUnknown has been augmented with a member function template for QueryInterface:

struct IUnknown { ...   template <class Q>   HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE QueryInterface(Q** pp)   { return QueryInterface(__uuidof(Q), (void**)pp); } } 

Before the member function template, all calls to QueryInterface had to be sure to match up the interface type and the interface identifier:

void Fly(IUnknown* punk) {   IBird* pbird = 0;   punk->QueryInterface(IID_ICat, (void**)&pbird); // Oops!   punk->QueryInterface(IID_IBird, (void**)pbird); // Double oops!   punk->QueryInterface(IID_IBird, (void**)&pbird); // OK   pbird->Fly(); } 

On the other hand, with the QueryInterface member function template, the type of the interface suffices:

void Fly(IUnknown* punk) {   IBird* pbird = 0;   punk->QueryInterface(&pbird); // __uuidof uses to determine IID   pbird->Fly(); } 

In effect, member function templates add new member functions of a class, just as function templates add new global functions based on use.

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