Importing Access Data

Because data imported from one Access database to another is already in Access formats, these transfers usually go relatively smoothly.

Copy and Paste

The easiest way to move data between Access databases is to copy and paste tables, as follows:


Right-click the table in the source database and choose Copy.


Switch to the target database and paste the table.

The dialog box in Figure 13.22 appears. If you click Structure Only, the new table will contain the fields of the original table but none of its data. Structure and Data pastes the entire table. Append Data to Existing Table is self-explanatory; for Table Name, instead of naming a new table, you supply the name of the table to which you want to add the records.

Figure 13.22. Copy and paste is an easy way to move Access tables from one file to another.

Use the Import Wizard

The Import Wizard is the more robust way of importing Access data.


Choose File, Get External Data, Import.


In the Import dialog box, navigate to any of the Nifty Lions databases from earlier chapters that you've copied to your hard drive (NiftyLionsChap12.mdb is fine). Select it and click Import.


On the Table tab of the Import Objects dialog box, choose tblSuppliers.


Click Options.

You see the selections in Figure 13.23. In the Import Tables section, I frankly don't know why the word definitions is used here instead of the term structure, which is used when you paste; they appear to mean the same thing. It is important to note that if you select two or more tables (don't use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select themjust click each one), you can also import their relationships.

Figure 13.23. Remember to click the Options button for important choices that define your import.


Click OK. The table is imported.

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