Clearing the Message Log

Messages are categorized as either Nn-Acknowledged, Acknowledged, or Cleared. When a message has not been acknowledged, it shows up on the status screens that show messages and events. When a message is acknowledged by the administrator action, the message is displayed only in the Advanced options of the event snapshot in the ZENworks Control Center.

On some occasions you may want to clear a message. When you clear a message, it still remains in the database, but is not displayed on the standard event snapshot and advanced options. Cleared messages can be displayed only via a report.

To clear the message log, do the following:


Launch ZENworks Control Center.


Log in as a ZENworks administrator.


Click on the Configuration tab.


Click on the Clear Message Log quick task. This displays a dialog to enable you to selectively clear the logs (see Figure 11.2).

Figure 11.2. Clear Message Log dialog.


Enter the beginning and ending dates that you want to clear.


Choose to clear the log by selecting the Clear radial button. If you want to permanently delete the selected logs, select the Permanently Delete radial button.


Press OK.

The logs are now cleared or deleted.

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