List of Tables

Chapter 2: Creating Pre-PDF Documents

Table 2.1: Applications and Their Uses
Table 2.2: Resolution Requirements of Various Output Device Categories
Table 2.3: File Formats and Their Uses
Table 2.4: Common Output Devices and Their Color Spaces
Table 2.5: Compression Recommendations
Table 2.6: Compression Recommendations
Table 2.7: Font Architectures and Recommended Usage
Table 2.7: Content Preflight Items and Issues
Table 2.8: Technical Preflight Items and Issues
Table 2.9: Page Layout Applications and Their Preflight Tools

Chapter 3: Creating Quality PostScript Files

Table 3.1: Commercial Print Setup
Table 3.2: Color Separated Proofs Print Setup
Table 3.3: Composite Grayscale Proof Print Setup
Table 3.4: Composite Color Proof Print Setup
Table 3.5: Desktop Color Print Setup
Table 3.6: Web and E-book Print Setup

Chapter 4: Creating the PDF You Want

Table 4.1: Distiller Default Settings Key Characteristics

Chapter 6: Using Acrobat and Navigating PDFs

Table 6.1: Changing Page Magnifications and Locations Quickly

Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
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