List of Sidebars

Chapter 2: Creating Pre-PDF Documents

Bitonal vs. Multitonal Images
One More Pitch for Style Sheets

Chapter 3: Creating Quality PostScript Files

Selecting a PDF Creation Method
Paper Size, Paper Width, and Page Positioning
Color Conversion
Resolution, Line Screen or Frequency, and Halftoning

Chapter 4: Creating the PDF You Want

PDF/X Standard
Font Substitution
Disabling Image Sampling and Compression
Password Support System
Corruption of PDFs across the Internet
Alternative PDF Creation Methods
Overriding a Distiller Setting
Style Sheets, TOCs, and Hyperlinks
InDesign Styles vs. Distiller Settings
Choosing a PDF-Making Method

Chapter 5: Controlling Acrobat and Access to Your PDFs

Getting Familiar with the Other Preferences

Chapter 6: Using Acrobat and Navigating PDFs

Reordering Pages
Of Mice, Menus, and Keyboard Shortcuts
Loupe vs. Pan & Zoom
Structured and Tagged PDFs
Text and Line Art Smoothing
Mac/Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Voice Activation and Commands

Chapter 7: PDF Document Management

Page Numbering
PDF Page Sizes and Orientations
Building Elements in Acrobat Instead of Page Layout
Preparing Watermark and Background Graphics
Text on Graphics
Layers Navigation, Commenting, and Editing
Set Your Preferences to Use Layer State Properties
Index PDFs Organization and Cross-Platform Naming
Document vs. Global Index Settings
Distributing Indexes

Chapter 8: Building Presentations and Forms

Advantages of PDF Presentations
Presentation Navigation
Acrobat Preferences vs. PDF Document Properties
PDF Version for Forms
Distiller Settings and Graphics Formats for Forms
Font Selection
Auto-Forms Filling of Duplicate Named Fields
The List Box Tool
Complex and Custom Calculations
Mutually Exclusive Buttons
HTML and XFDF Data
Setting Forms Security

Chapter 9: Collaborative Publishing and Interactivity

Bookmarks Views
Style Sheets Again!
Hand Tool vs. Item Tool
Comments as Bookmarks
Single-Page vs. Separate-Page Summaries
To Embed or Not to Embed

Chapter 10: Acrobat E-mail, eBook, and Web Features

Corrupted PDFs
MAPI-Savvy E-mail Applications
Web and PDF Pages
Background Elements
Fonts and Websites
PDFs vs. eBook Documents
Creating Your Own Lending Library

Chapter 11: Preflighting PDFs

Report Formats
Preflighting: Who, What, Where, and When

Chapter 12: Editing PDFs

Embedded vs. Computer Station Fonts
Where and When to Edit PDFs, and Version Challenges

Chapter 13: Outputting PDFs and Their Contents

Color Assignments
File Formats
Using PDF Security to Secure Your Images

Chapter 14: Automating Acrobat Tasks

When to Use Batch Processing
Variety of Automatic Actions

Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
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