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the mel companion: maya scripting for 3d artists
The MEL Companion: Maya Scripting for 3D Artists
by David Stripinis   ISBN:1584502754
Charles River Media © 2003 (468 pages)

Use this guide to learn the syntax, vocabulary and structure of The Maya Embedded Language (MEL), as well as expressions, primitive objects, lighting and rendering, tool creation, interface customization, and reading and writing files in and out of Maya.

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Table of Contents
The MEL Companion Maya Scripting for 3D Artists
Chapter 1 - An Introduction to the Maya Embedded Language
Part I - The Maya Embedded Language
Chapter 2 - A Primer on Mathematics
Chapter 3 - MEL Basics
Chapter 4 - An Introduction to Programming Concepts
Chapter 5 - The Script File
Part II - Working with MEL
Chapter 6 - Geometry
Chapter 7 - Animation
Chapter 8 - Expressions
Chapter 9 - Lighting and Rendering
Chapter 10 - Creating Tools in Maya
Chapter 11 - Customizing the Maya Interface
Chapter 12 - File Handling in MEL
Chapter 13 - Your Journey Begins Here: A Final Word on MEL
Appendix A - About the CD-ROM
Appendix B - Web Resources
List of Figures
List of Tables
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The MEL Companion
The MEL Companion: Maya Scripting for 3D Artists (Charles River Media Graphics)
ISBN: 1584502754
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 101
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