Companies Copyright Notices and Statements

Companies' Copyright Notices and Statements

Although the authors and editors have attempted to provide accurate information in this book, we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.


Copyright notice. Copyright 2000 Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington 98052-6399 U.S.A. All rights reserved. See for more information.


Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, MSN, Outlook, The Microsoft Network, Windows98, Windows95, and/or other Microsoft products referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft. See for more information.


Copyright 2000 VeriSign, Inc. All rights reserved.

VeriSign, the VeriSign logo, Digital ID, OnSite, and Go Secure! are trademarks and service marks or registered trademarks and service marks of VeriSign, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are property of their respective owners. See for more information.



Whale Communications

e-Gap Remote Access Appliance.



Neoteris, Inc.

Redline Networks


Spam (this is trademarked)

spam is not trademarked


Zone Labs


Network ICE

Network ICE, the Network ICE logo, the Defender logo, BlackICE, BlackICE Sentry, BlackICE Defender, BlackICE Auditor, ICEpac, Enterprise ICEPAC, ICEPAC, ICEPAC Auditor, advICE, "Collective Awareness," "The Future of Network Security Today," "We Stop Hackers Cold," Intrusion Countermeasure Enhancements (ICE), Intrusion Defense System, and "Intrusion Detection at the Speed of Light" are trademarks or registered trademarks of Network ICE or its licencees in the United States and other countries.




IBM list is too large to list. See this URL;


The 'S/MIME-Enabled' logo is trademarked, for the purpose of promoting interoperability among products implementing S/MIME. ( Vendors must demonstrate S/MIME compliance before using the logo on product packaging, promotional materials, advertising, signage, and/or web sites. See for more information. S/MIME logo can be found at

Baltimore Technologies

Baltimore Technologies, Global E|Security, Global E-Security, E-Security, E|Security, TrustedWorld, PKI World, Zergo, ZSA and Baltimore product names including UniCERT, MailSecure, PKI-Plus, W/Secure, X/Secure and J/CRYPTO are all trademarks of Baltimore Technologies plc and its subsidiaries. See


Netscape, Netscape Certificater Server, Netscape FastTrack Server, Netscape Navigator, Netscape ONE, SuiteSpot, and the Netscape N and Ship's Wheel logos are registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation in the United States and other countries. The following list represents trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation, which may be registered in other countries.

Netscape trademarks

Following are Netscape's trademarks. An following a name indicates that the trademark has been registered in the U.S. This list is not exhaustive. Netscape may own other trademarks that are not included here.

AutoConfig, AutoUpdate, BeanConnect, Client Registry, Client Version Registry, Collabra , Collabra Share , Contact, CoolTalk, Expert Alliance, ExpertDesk, Expert-to-Expert, In-Box Direct, ISP Select , Live 3D, LiveCall, LiveConnect, Live Objects, LiveType, LiveWire, LiveWire Pro, MailCaster, Mozilla, Netcaster Netcenter, NetHelp, Netscape , Netscape Administration Kit, Netscape AffiliatePlus, Netscape AgentXpert, Netscape Alliance, Netscape AppFoundry, Netscape Application Builder, Netscape Application Server, Netscape AutoAdmin, Netscape Business Community, Netscape Business Journal, Netscape BuyerXpert, Netscape Calendar, Netscape Calendar Express, Netscape Calendar Link, Netscape Calender Server, Netscape CaseTracker, Netscape Cash Register, Netscape Catalog Server , Netscape Certificate Server , Netscape Channel Finder, Netscape Charters Program, Netscape Chat, Netscape Client Customization Kit, Netscape Collabra , Netscape Collabra Server, Netscape Commerce Server, Netscape CommerceXpert, Netscape Commercial Applications, Netscape Communications Server, Netscape Communicator, Netscape Communicator Deluxe Edition, Netscape Communicator Internet Access Edition, Netscape Communicator News, Netscape Community, Netscape Community System, Netscape Compass Server, Netscape Component Builder, Netscape Composer, Netscape Conference, Netscape Console, Netscape Content Management Server, Netscape DevEdge , Netscape DevEdge Application Builder, Netscape DevEdge Online, Netscape DevEdge Open Studio, Netscape DeveloperXpert, Netscape Direct, Netscape Directory Server, Netscape ECXpert, Netscape Enterprise News, Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape Enterprise Server with FORTEZZA, Netscape Extension Builder, Netscape FastTrack Server , Netscape Guide, Netscape Industry Watch, Netscape Insight, Netscape Install Builder, Netscape Internet Applications, Netscape Internet Foundation Classes, Netscape Internet Learning Academy, Netscape Internet Service Broker, Netscape Istore, Netscape JAR Installation Manager, Netscape JAR Packager, Netscape LiveMedia, Netscape LivePayment, Netscape Mail, Netscape Mail Server, Netscape Mailing List Manager, Netscape Media Converter, Netscape Media Player, Netscape Media Server, Netscape Merchant System, Netscape MerchantXpert, Netscape Messaging Server, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Messenger Express, Netscape Migration Toolkit, Netscape Mission Control, Netscape Mission Control Desktop, Netscape Navigator , Netscape Navigator with FORTEZZA, Netscape Navigator Gold, Netscape Navigator News, Netscape Navigator Personal Edition, Netscape Netcenter, Netscape Netcenter Small Business Source, Netscape News Server, Netscape ONE , Netscape Payment Kit, Netscape Power Pack, Netscape Process Manager, Netscape Professional Community, Netscape Proxy Server, Netscape Proxy Server with FORTEZZA, Netscape Publishing Suite, Netscape Publishing System, Netscape PublishingXpert, Netscape SellerXpert, Netscape Services Network, Netscape Site Manager, Netscape Site Sampler, Netscape SmartUpdate, Netscape Software Depot, Netscape Solution Expert, Netscape Subscribers Advantage, Netscape SuiteTools, Netscape SupportEdge, Netscape Update, Netscape Virtual Office, Netscape WebTop, Netshare, ONE Stop Software, PowerStart , ResponseDesk, ResponseLine, Secure Courier, ShopTalk Direct, SmartMarks, Suite Solutions, SuiteSpot , SuiteSpot Hosting Edition, TechVision.

Netscape trade names

Following are Netscape trade names:


See for a list.


JavaScript is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc., used under license for technology invented and implemented by Netscape.


CERT is a registered trademark and service mark of Carnegie Mellon University.

Computer Security Institute

Copyright 2000, Computer Security Institute, 600 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

The above list is not exhaustive. All other companies not explicitly mentioned, and the names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

The example companies (example: The Company), organizations, products, people, and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, person, or event is intended or should be inferred.

Additions from Redline Network to chapter 5 printed with permission from Redline Networks

Additions from Whale Communications to chapter 5 printed with permission from Whale Communications

Additions from Neoteris to chapter 5 printed with permission from Neoteris.

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