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computer forensics jumpstart
Computer Forensics JumpStart
by Michael G. Solomon, Diane Barrett and Neil Broom   ISBN:078214375x
Sybex © 2005 (304 pages)

Curious about the hot field of computer forensics? This in-depth guide explains the technological, social and political issues involved, and provides an overview of basic skills and available certifications to jump start your career in computer forensics.

Table of Contents
Computer Forensics JumpStart
Chapter 1 - The Need for Computer Forensics
Chapter 2 - Preparation”What to Do Before You Start
Chapter 3 - Computer Evidence
Chapter 4 - Common Tasks
Chapter 5 - Capturing the Data Image
Chapter 6 - Extracting Information from Data
Chapter 7 - Passwords and Encryption
Chapter 8 - Common Forensics Tools
Chapter 9 - Pulling It All Together
Chapter 10 - How to Testify in Court
Appendix A - Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B - Forensics Resources
Appendix C - Forensics Certifications
Appendix D - Forensics Tools
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Computer Forensics JumpStart
Computer Forensics JumpStart
ISBN: 0470931663
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 153

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