Serving Content

Now that we have six servers clustered together, we need to set up a high-performance web serving platform to meet our needsa peak demand of 11,750 requests per second.

Installing Squid is fairly straightforward with a familiar ./configure; make; make install. However, configuring it can be complicated.

The main squid.conf file should be modified to make the Squid instance act as an HTTP accelerator only for

http_port 80 accel vhost vport=80 acl all src acl manager proto cache_object acl localhost src acl to_localhost dst acl Safe_ports port 80 acl CONNECT method CONNECT http_access allow manager localhost http_access deny manager http_access deny !Safe_ports http_access deny to_localhost http_access deny CONNECT http_access allow all acl acceld dstdomain always_direct allow acceld 

This allows requests to this cache from anywhere but only pulls content to satisfy those requests of should be added to the local /etc/hosts file to be the published IP of This configuration achieves the content placement approach shown previously in Figure 6.3.

Scalable Internet Architectures
Scalable Internet Architectures
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