Installing and Configuring DB2 Client to DB2 Server Communications

There are three types of DB2 clients : run time client, administration client, and application development client. To install and configure DB2 client to DB2 server connections, you must do the following:

  • The client machine must meet the necessary installation requirements (operating system, CPU, memory, and disk space for DB2 product installation).

  • The client machine has the necessary user accounts for installation and setup.

  • The client machine can communicate to the DB2 server.

Then you're ready to install the DB2 product, using the DB2 Setup Wizard (or execute the db2setup command at the UNIX command prompt), assuming that the server has been set up, the instance has been started, and the sample database has been created.

After DB2 client successfully installed, you should configure it to access the remote DB2 server using the Configuration Assistant or using the command line processor:

  • Log on to the system with a valid DB2 user ID.

  • Start the Configuration Assistant using the db2ca command.

  • Search for servers.

  • Test the connection using the Configuration Assistant.


  • Catalog the TCP/IP node on the DB2 client:

      db2 catalog tcpip node node_name remote hostname   server service_name   db2 catalog tcpip node nphantom remote   server 50000  
  • Catalog the database on the DB2 client:

      db2 catalog database database_name as database_alias   at node node_name authentication auth_value   db2 catalog database sample as rsample   at node nphantom authentication server  
  • Test the client-server connection:

      db2 connect to rsample user v8inst   db2 "select tabname from syscat.tables"   db2 terminate  

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