Where Can I Get the AOL Software?

If you haven't received a free copy of the AOL software by now, you're the one person they missed. AOL routinely sends out free CDs with its software. Sometimes it's stuck in a magazine, sometimes with your newspaper, sometimes it comes on its own.

However, if you didn't have a computer before or weren't interested in AOL when you got it, the chances are good you tossed it in the trash (or made a drink coaster out of it). So, what do you do now?

Well, almost every computer retailer, especially the electronics superstores, offer the AOL software for free (they sometimes charge a penny) on CD. You can also get it at libraries and other major stores, like Wal-Mart or Target.

You can also get it online, direct from AOL. If you're interested in signing up for the AOL service, take the following example and download the latest version of the AOL software.


In the following exercise, you will download the latest version of AOL. All this does is load the software on your computer. You are not required to sign up yet. So completing this exercise won't hurt a bit!

  1. Using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, go to the AOL Web site at www.aol.com (see Figure 10.9). Click on the Try AOL 6.0 button (the version number might have changed between this writing and your visit to the site).

    Figure 10.9. Step 1: Go to the AOL Web site and click the Try AOL button.


  2. On the download page (see Figure 10.10), click the Download Now button.

    Figure 10.10. Step 2: Click the Download Now button.


  3. Click the download button that is appropriate for your operating system (see Figure 10.11).

    Figure 10.11. Step 3: Click the download button for your system.



    Some versions of AOL might not operate properly on some versions of Windows, so be sure you're choosing the right one.

  4. Choose a location to save the download file (see Figure 10.12).

    Figure 10.12. Step 4: Choose a location for the file.


  5. The file begins to download to the location you specified (see Figure 10.13).

    Figure 10.13. Step 5: The file downloads.


After the file has completed its download, all you need to do is decide whether you are ready to sign up to be an AOL member. If you are ready to give it a try, just double-click the icon for the file (from the location where you saved it), and the AOL setup program will launch (see Figure 10.14).

Figure 10.14. The AOL setup program walks you through the process of signing up and getting into the service.


AOL does a great job of walking you through the process of registering and getting started. The hardest part of the process is deciding on a screen name . Because there are already millions of members , a lot of screen names are taken!

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