Publishing from Composer

Most server providers prefer that you upload copy your Web files from your PC to the Web serverusing an Internet tool named FTP.

If you're familiar with FTP, you can always do it that way. But the publishing facilities built in to Composer can be much easier to use. More important, when you make changes to your pages online.

Even if you do know FTP, I recommend giving the Composer publishing tools a shot anyway. (If you don't already know FTP, you have no need to learn nowat least for publishing purposes.)

  1. Connect to the Internet.

  2. In Composer, open the HTML file you want to publish.

  3. Click the Publish button on the Composer toolbar to open the Publish dialog box.

  4. The page's title and HTML filename already appear in the box. Fill in the rest of the Publish dialog box with the address to which you will publish and the username and password your server provider gave you (see Figure 30.5).

    Figure 30.5. Step 4: Complete the dialog box by filling in the address to publish to, your server username, and your password.


  5. In the area at the bottom of the Publish dialog box, make sure that all the files required for your Web site have been included. If you've followed the advice given throughout this bookstore all HTML files, pictures, and whatever in the same folderthis job is easy; simply select the All Files in Page's Folder option to send all files to the server (see Figure 30.6).

    Figure 30.6. Step 5: Select the files to publish.



    If you do not want to send all the files in the folder to the server, leave the All Files in Folder option unselected . Press and hold the Ctrl key and select one by one all the files in the folder you want to upload.

  6. Click OK. In a few moments, a message appears and reports that the files have been uploaded. They are now on the Web, available to all.

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