Using the Same Image Multiple Times

If you want to use the same image multiple times in a page, you don't need multiple copies of the image with different filenames.

A single copy of an image file on a Web server can appear in the same page ”or in several pages ”as many times as you like. Just choose the same filename when inserting each copy of the image, or use copy-and-paste to insert multiple copies of the same image. This technique is especially useful when you use graphical bullets in a list (see "Inserting Fancy Bullets and Rules," later in this chapter).

To use copy-and-paste, insert the image one time, right-click, and choose Copy from the menu that appears. Click in the page where you want the copy to go and then choose Edit, Paste from the menu bar.


You can paste as many copies as you like without having to click Copy again. Until the next time you click Copy, the image stays in the Windows Clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere you want it.

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