Inserting a GIF or JPEG Image in Composer

Before beginning the steps to insert an image in a Web page, first prepare your image file or files as discussed in Part III. Be sure that the image file is stored in the same folder as the Web page file in which you will insert it. (If it isn't, move or copy it there before beginning the example.)

  1. Click in your page at the spot where you want to insert the image.

  2. Click the Image button on the Composition toolbar (see Figure 25.1).

    Figure 25.1. Step 2: Click Image.


  3. Click the Choose File button (see Figure 25.2).

    Figure 25.2. Step 3: Click Choose File.


  4. Navigate to the folder containing the image file, click its name , and click Open (see Figure 25.3).

    Figure 25.3. Step 4: Choose the file.


  5. The Image Properties box shows the filename in the Image Location window. If it's the image you want, click OK (see Figure 25.4). If not, click Choose File and find the right image.

    Figure 25.4. Step 5: Click OK.


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