Editing Pages You ve Saved

Editing Pages You've Saved

As you work on Web pages, you'll probably create them over a series of editing sessions. You need to open existing files and close them when you're done. The following example shows how to close files and to reopen them each time you want to work on them.

  1. To close a page file (without closing Composer), choose File, Close, as shown in Figure 18.9.

    Figure 18.9. Step 1: Choose File, Close to close a file.


  2. To open a page file, choose File, Open Page (see Figure 18.10).

    Figure 18.10. Step 2: Choose File, Open Page.


  3. Click the Choose File button to navigate to the folder where you've stored the page file (see Figure 18.11).

    Figure 18.11. Step 3: Use Choose File to open the folder where the file is stored.


  4. Choose the file's name from the Open HTML File dialog box and click Open (see Figure 18.12).

    Figure 18.12. Step 4: Click the file's name and then click Open.


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