Checking Out Your New Page in a Web Browser

In Composer, your Web pages will appear pretty much the same as they will when viewed through a browser and the Internet. Still, you should preview your page through your Web browser from time to time to evaluate its true appearance.


Check out the page in a few different browsers, to make sure that it looks okay to everyone online, no matter what browser they use.

  1. Save the file in Composer, as shown in Figure 18.13.

    Figure 18.13. Step 1: Save the file.


  2. Click the Preview button on the Composition toolbar (see Figure 18.14).

    Figure 18.14. Step 2: Click Preview.


The page opens in Navigator, as shown in Figure 18.15. To return to editing your page, switch to Composer by clicking its button on the Windows taskbar.

Figure 18.15. The page appears in Navigator.


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