Published books aren't the creation of just one person; they're collaborative efforts, although the person identified as the author is the most visible of this team. For this book, I'd like to thank O'Reilly editors Andy Oram, who got the ball rolling, and David Brickner, who saw the project through to the end. Technical reviewers for this book were Gerald Carter, Steve Suehring, Alan Schwartz, and Curtis Preston; these people kept me from making technical blundersbut if any remain, they're my own. Mary Anne Weeks Mayo provided copy editing, to keep my prose not just technically accurate, but readable. The book's proofreader, Marlowe Shaeffer, guarded against typos and similar problems. Finally, I'd like to thank Neil Salkind and others at Studio-B, who helped get things started and provided the occasional necessary prod to keep them moving.

    Linux in a Windows World
    Linux in a Windows World
    ISBN: 0596007582
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 152

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