Chapter 16: Automation

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Life, it seems, is getting more and more hectic for everyone. Every business needs a competitive advantage and that generally revolves around its business processes. The more efficient you can make them, the quicker, and therefore cheaper, they are to perform. One way to achieve this is to automate and reuse existing processes. That's really what a lot of programming is anyway: the automation of complex or monotonous processes.

In this chapter we are going to see how object orientation can be used at a much higher level than you've seen so far. We've talked about code and object reuse, but here we are going to look at application reuse. All of the Microsoft Office applications have the ability to be used as objects from within VBA, so that means we can use things that Microsoft has written for us.

What we're going to look at here is:

  • What exactly automation is

  • Understanding how to use other applications

  • How to use Outlook for mail and appointments

  • How to use charts

  • How to use Word for reporting

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