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The Solution object represents all projects and solution properties in the IDE. It is a collection of all projects in the IDE. It also contains solution properties such as build configurations and references.

Reference (Object)

The Reference object represents one reference in the project. When you include areference to a .NET project, .NET assembly (DLL), or COM object, you can reference the public members of the reference.

References (Collection)

The References collection contains all of the references to external components in a Visual Basic or C# project. To reference a member of an external component, you must add a reference to the component to your project's References object.

SolutionBuild (Object)

This object represents the root of the build automation model at the solution level.

SolutionConfiguration (Object)

The SolutionConfiguration object relates information about a specific way to build a solution.

SolutionConfigurations (Collection)

The SolutionConfigurations collection contains all the SolutionConfiguration objects in the solution.

SolutionContext (Object)

The SolutionContext object represents all projects in the solution. You can use this object to determine whether a project is built or deployed.

SolutionContexts (Collection)

The SolutionContexts collection contains all of the SolutionContext objects in a solution configuration.

VSProject (Object)

This applies only to Visual Basic and C# projects. The VSProject object contains information that is specific to the Visual Basic or C# project.

VSProjectItem (Object)

The VSProjectItem object contains information relating to a Visual Basic or C# project item. An item can be a class, form, module, text file, bitmap, or icon.

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