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The items in this topic are related to a project in a .NET solution. Projects consist of properties and ProjectItem objects.

Imports (Object)

The Imports object contains a collection of all imports for a Visual Basic project. It determines the namespaces to import for the project. Importing a namespace allows you to reference members of the namespace without having to fully qualify the object or method.

ImportsEvents (Object)

The ImportsEvents object gives you access to the events that are raised when aproject Imports statement is added or deleted from a Visual Basic project. This object can be referenced from both the VSProject and DTE objects.

OutputGroup (Object)

Each project in the IDE has a group of files. These files form an output group. They are marked as the outputs for the project. An OutputGroup contains the files that are built by the project.

OutputGroups (Collection)

The OutputGroups collection contains the OutputGroup objects for the project. See the "OutputGroup (Object)" section for more information.

ProjectEvents (Object)

The ProjectEvents object forms the base interface from which projects derive their specific events.

ProjectItem (Object)

The ProjectItem object represents an item in a project. These items can take the form of classes, forms, modules, icons, bitmaps, resource files, text files, and so forth.

ProjectItems (Collection)

The ProjectItems collection contains all of the ProjectItem objects in the project. The collection will be a flat list of items unless one of the ProjectItem objects itself is a collection. An example would relate to a Windows form that has both a file with an extension of .vb and a file with an extension of .resx. Both of these files together comprise the form. The form is incomplete without both of the files.

Projects (Collection)

The Projects collection contains all of the projects of the same kind in the IDE.

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