Chapter 2. An Introduction To ASP.NET

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Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) technology has evolved once more. This time, the changes Microsoft has made are so great that they have chosen not to make another point release of ASP (to 4.0), but have labeled this next generation of their Internet technology ASP.NET. ASP.NET (formerly Next Generation Web Services or ASP+ ) and the .NET framework will change the way developers build powerful Internet applications more than any prior evolution of ASP before it. Although entire books could be written about the .NET framework (and, as you read this, I'm sure they have been), we can only cover some of the major points about this new architecture before jumping into specific ASP.NET examples.

In this chapter you will

  • Take a look at a brief history of Active Server Pages (ASP)

  • Learn what ASP.NET is

  • Compare the benefits ASP.NET with those of "Classic ASP"

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Asp. Net. By Example
ASP.NET by Example
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