Conventions Used In This Book

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This book uses several common conventions to help teach ASP.NET. Here is a summary of these typographical conventions:

  • Example. Examples are the most important part of any by Example title. These provide working demonstrations of the points that are being covered by the text in each chapter. You'll see the Example icon beside each of those demonstrations .

  • Output. The Output icon indicates a figure or code that shows the result of the preceding example. We supply the output so that you know what to expect when you run the example yourself.

  • Note. Notes provide additional commentary or explanation that doesn't fit neatly into the surrounding text. You will find detailed explanations of how something works, or alternate ways of doing a task.

  • Tip. Tips help you work more efficiently by providing shortcuts or hints about alternate and faster ways of accomplishing a task.

  • Caution. Cautions provide a warning to you about situations that involve possible danger to your system or to your data.

  • Online Reference. These notes provide you with URLs that you can visit to get more information or other resources relating to the topic being discussed.

  • A special monospaced computer font indicates commands and computer output.

  • Because this is a book that has a limited page width, some lines of code may be too long to fit on a single line. When you see a code continuation character ( ), you will know that the code has wrapped to the second line.

Online Resources

In addition to the contents of this book, you will find additional resources online at the book's Web site. The Web site includes online sample code, any updates to the book that may be necessary, and information for providing feedback or questions to the book's authors. You can find the book's support Web site at:

In addition, you will find a number of ASP.NET related Web sites on the inside of the back cover.

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Asp. Net. By Example
ASP.NET by Example
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