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This Book's Organization

This book is organized to maximize your transition to the ASP.NET development environment. The early chapters provide an introduction to the .NET Framework and describe the differences between ASP.NET and its predecessor, ASP 3.0. From there, the all-important knowledge of how to work with data (ADO.NET) is covered early, so that you can leverage this knowledge in the later chapters, which progressively cover more and more advanced topics. Almost every chapter includes many examples that will help you to understand the points being covered, and you can test the examples yourself online at the book's supporting Web site at

Specifically, Chapter 1 provides an overview of the .NET Framework, on which ASP.NET is built. Chapter 2 introduces the reader to ASP.NET, and Chapter 3 provides some guidelines and examples for migrating to ASP.NET. Chapter 4 introduces the reader to ADO.NET, which is used to access data in ASP.NET. Chapters 5 through 9 cover various controls, including List Controls, Rich Controls, Validation Controls, User Controls, and Intrinsic Controls. In Chapter 10 we'll look at how to manage ASP.NET applications. Chapter 11 describes Web Services, and exciting new technology that allows separate web applications to easily communicate with one another. Chapter 12 discusses how to build your on ASP.NET controls. Chapter 13 provides an overview of how to debug your ASP.NET applications. Finally, Chapter 14 provides a case study of an e-commerce site built with ASP.NET. In the appendixes you'll find references for the ASP.NET Object Model, the ADO.NET Object Model, the VB.NET and C# programming languages, and a quick reference to using Visual Studio. NET. We hope you find this useful as you continue to develop using the latest Microsoft has to offer.

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Asp. Net. By Example
ASP.NET by Example
ISBN: 0789725622
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 154

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