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Building a Web Store” is a humorous , fictitious retail site that lists, sells, and tracks transactions for high-tech spy gear. The purpose of IBuySpy is to provide a working example of how to build an online storefront using ASP.NET, and it is available with complete documentation and source code. The entire site is available for demonstration and download from The goal of this case study is to provide insight into the design decisions that went into creating the site, as well as to highlight some of the more interesting techniques that were used in its creation.

As we go though the chapter, it will help if you are familiar with the site and ideally if you have it available to reference, either online or installed locally. Microsoft continues to update the site, and at the time of this writing, the IBS Store is currently in Beta 2, build 0711. By the time you are reading this, several more builds will probably have occurred, but for the most part the site should remain unchanged. Because the IBuySpy team themselves will be reviewing this chapter before it goes to print, it's very likely that some of the recommended improvements will be implemented on the public site by the time this book reaches stores.

In this chapter, we're going to first take a look at the high-level design of the site. We will then examine how certain features were implemented for the IBS store.

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