You may find it easier to work with your source code when you can see the actual layout at the same time. You can achieve this in two ways with GoLive. Split the Layout Editor window to show the Source Code in half the space and the layout in the other half, or open the Source Code palette:


Click the Show/Hide split source button in the lower-left corner of the Document window to split the window, as shown in Figure 38.10.

Figure 38.10. The split view mode.

Alt-click (in Windows) or Option-click (on the Mac) on the Show/Hide split source button to change the orientation of your split window, as shown in Figure 38.11. Repeat to move the split window to different positions. This orientation will be the default orientation until you change it again.

Figure 38.11. Alt-click (Windows users) or Option-click (Mac users) to choose an orientation for the split window.


To open the Source Code palette, choose Window, Source Code. The Source Code palette, shown in Figure 38.12, does not contain the Source Code toolbar and is formatted according to the settings in the Source tab of the Document window and any settings for source code in the Preferences window.

Figure 38.12. The Source Code palette.


Click the palette menu in the upper-right corner of the Source Code palette to set the options for the palette, as shown in Figure 38.13. Choose the Dim When Inactive option if you want the code to be dimmed when you're not clicked inside the Source Code palette. If you choose the Local Mode option, the Source Code palette displays only the code for the currently selected elements, as shown in Figure 38.14.

Figure 38.13. The palette menu options for the Source Code palette.

Figure 38.14. Selectively edit source code in Local Mode.

Remember to make use of your context menus when working inside any of the source code editors. In addition to the usual Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete commands, the context menu offers the View selection, which you can use to set quickly some view options like Dim When Inactive and Local Mode.

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