The Visual Tag Editor enables you to edit the source code of a single HTML element without using any of the Source Code editors and also enables you to insert new HTML code. The Visual Tag Editor can be quite handy when you want to insert a single code here or there:


Position your cursor within the Layout Editor where you want to insert new code or at a point after the code you want to edit.


Choose Special, Visual Tag Editor or press Ctrl+Shift+E in Windows or -Shift-E on the Mac to display the Visual Tag Editor, as shown in Figure 38.15.

Figure 38.15. The Visual Tag Editor.


Type code at the blinking insertion point or double-click any of the codes in the scrolling list on the left to insert the code at the location of the insertion point in the Layout window. When you type a space after the HTML code, the scrolling list displays the available attributes for the tag. Use a combination of double-clicking in the scrolling list and typing values to insert HTML code.


To edit existing code, click the code in the Markup string, as shown in Figure 38.16.

Figure 38.16. Use the markup string to edit source code selectively in the Visual Tag Editor.


Click OK to apply your changes.

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Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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