Recipe 26.2. Finding PEAR Packages

26.2.1. Problem

You want a listing of PEAR packages. From this list you want to learn more about each package and decide if you want to install it.

26.2.2. Solution

Browse packages at or search for packages at Use pear's remote-list command to get a listing of PEAR packages or the search command to search for packages. Explore listings of PEAR channel servers at PEAR Channel directory web sites or

26.2.3. Discussion

There are a few ways to review available PEAR and PEAR-compatible packages. First, to browse the listings of official PEAR packages in a directory-style fashion, go to From there you can burrow into each individual PEAR category.

Alternatively, you can search through the listings at the following address: The search page allows you to search by package name, author, category and release date.

You can also ask the PEAR installer to provide you with a listing using the remote-list command:

% pear remote-list Channel Available packages: ======================================== Package                         Version Auth_HTTP                       2.1.6 Auth                            1.3.0 Auth_SASL                       1.0.1 LiveUser                        0.16.11 Auth_PrefManager                1.1.4 Auth_RADIUS                     1.0.4 ... XML_Indexing                    0.3.6 XML_Feed_Parser                 0.3.0beta XML_RPC2                        0.0.7 XML_Query2XML                   0.6.0

The short form of remote-list is rl.

You may also query compatible PEAR Channel servers for available packages using the remote-list command with the -c flag specifying the channel to query. In order to do so, you must first make the PEAR installer aware of the alternate channel server. For example:

% pear channel-discover Adding Channel "" succeeded Discovery of channel "" succeeded % pear remote-list -c pearified Retrieving data...0%....50%.... Channel pearified Available packages: ===================================== Package                            Version Editors_FCKeditor                  2.2.0 Editors_TinyMCE                    2.0.1 Icons_Silk                         1.3.0 ... Role_Web                           1.1.1 SimpleTest                         1.0.0 Smarty                             2.6.8

To search for package names from the command line, use the search command:

% pear search auth Retrieving data...0%....50%.... Matched packages, channel ======================================= Package             Stable/(Latest)          Local Auth                1.3.0/(1.3.0 stable)     1.3.0 Creating an authentication                                              system. Auth_HTTP           2.1.6/(2.1.6 stable)     HTTP authentication Auth_PrefManager    1.1.4/(1.1.4 stable)     1.1.4 Preferences management class Auth_PrefManager2   -n/a-/(2.0.0dev1 alpha)  Preferences management class Auth_RADIUS         1.0.4/(1.0.4 stable)     Wrapper Classes for the RADIUS PECL. Auth_SASL           1.0.1/(1.0.1 stable)     Abstraction of various SASL mechanism                                              responses

This does a case-insensitive search of package names and returns the package name; the latest stable version; the latest version at any of dev, alpha, or beta states; the version you have installed locally (if any); and a short description about the package.

26.2.4. See Also

Recipe 26.3 to find more information about a package.

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