Recipe 26.3. Finding Information About a Package

26.3.1. Problem

You want to gather information about a package, such as a description of what it does, who maintains it, what version you have installed, and which license it's released under.

26.3.2. Solution

If the package is installed on your machine, use the PEAR installer's info command:

% pear info Net_URL

Otherwise, use the remote-info command:

% pear remote-info SOAP

You can also view the package's home page on

26.3.3. Discussion

The info command provides summary information about a package:

% pear info Net_URL About Net_URL-1.0.14 ==================== Provides               Classes: Package                Net_URL Summary                Easy parsing of Urls Description            Provides easy parsing of URLs and their                        constituent parts. Maintainers            Richard heyes <> (lead) Version                1.0.14 Release Date           2004-06-19 Release License        BSD Release State          stable Release Notes          Whitespace Package.xml Version    1.0 Last Installed Version - None - Last Modified          2006-05-08

If you don't have the package installed, ask the remote server for a description:

% pear remote-info Net_URL Package details: ================ Latest      1.0.14 Installed   - no - Package     Net_URL License     BSD Category    Networking Summary     Easy parsing of Urls Description Provides easy parsing of URLs and their             constituent parts.

This request displays a slightly different set of information. It doesn't include the release data but does include the general PEAR category and the latest release number for the package.

The package home page provides a more complete view and also provides links to earlier releases, a change log, and browsable access to the package's CVS repository. You can also view package download statistics. Figure 26-1 shows a sample package information page.

Net_URL Package Information page on the PEAR web site

26.3.4. See Also

Recipe 26.2 to search for packages.

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