Chapter 13. Web Automation

    Section 13.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 13.1.  Fetching a URL with the Get Method

    Recipe 13.2.  Fetching a URL with the Post Method

    Recipe 13.3.  Fetching a URL with Cookies

    Recipe 13.4.  Fetching a URL with Arbitrary Headers

    Recipe 13.5.  Fetching a URL with an Arbitrary Method

    Recipe 13.6.  Fetching a URL with a Timeout

    Recipe 13.7.  Fetching an HTTPS URL

    Recipe 13.8.  Debugging the Raw HTTP Exchange

    Recipe 13.9.  Marking Up a Web Page

    Recipe 13.10.  Cleaning Up Broken or Nonstandard HTML

    Recipe 13.11.  Extracting Links from an HTML File

    Recipe 13.12.  Converting Plain Text to HTML

    Recipe 13.13.  Converting HTML to Plain Text

    Recipe 13.14.  Removing HTML and PHP Tags

    Recipe 13.15.  Responding to an Ajax Request

    Recipe 13.16.  Integrating with JavaScript

    Recipe 13.17.  Program: Finding Stale Links

    Recipe 13.18.  Program: Finding Fresh Links

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