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stringstream, istringstream, and ostringstream

#include <sstream>explicit stringstream(ios::openmode mode = ios::in | ios::out);  explicit stringstream(const string &str,                       ios::openmode mode = ios::in | ios::out);  explicit istringstream(ios::openmode mode = ios::in); explicit istringstream(const string str, ios::openmode                         mode = ios::in); explicit ostringstream(ios::openmode mode=ios::out); explicit ostringstream(const string str, ios::openmode                         mode = ios::out);

The stringstream( ), istringstream( ), and ostringstream( ) functions are the constructors of the stringstream, istringstream, and ostringstream classes, respectively. These construct streams that are tied to strings.

The versions of stringstream( ), istringstream( ), and ostringstream( ) that specify only the openmode parameter create empty streams. The versions that take a string parameter initialize the string stream.

A related function is str( ).

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